About Us

Rimoptics USA is the North American division of Australian-based parent company Rimoptics (click here to visit Australian website).  We are an independent, family-owned company that was established over 30 years ago.  We specialize in the manufacturing, importing and distribution of quality eyewear, servicing the optical industries in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America. For full information on our ranges of eyewear available, please visit our products page. We also produce numerous white-label ranges for mass-merchandisers in several countries. For more information, please contact us.


Our Aussie parent company currently services 93% of the Australian optical industry’s independent client base.  This positions Rimoptics as Australia’s largest independent optical wholesaler.  In 2011, Rimoptics expanded its distribution into the U.S. market, leveraging several years’ experience in the optical industry and a customer focus based on a quintessential Aussie ‘can-do’ attitude.  Continually exploring new supply, growth and acquisition opportunities stateside, our North American team pays great homage to the personalized service and customer-centric reputation that Rimoptics in Australia has worked hard to build since opening its doors back in 1981. Our head office is located in Los Angeles, CA, which with its clear sunny skies, long summers, beautiful beaches and laid-back casual vibe, pay great tribute to Rimoptics’ native “Down Under” and keeps our team smiling wide and working hard.

Since Rimoptics was first established in Australia in 1981, its success has been attributable to an unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, integrity and superior customer service.  We uphold and maintain these key strategic principles, which are in place to guide not only our workplace culture but also our everyday business dealings, as we continue to strive to provide the best products and service possible in each of the markets we serve.


“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” Arnold H Glasgow