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Rimoptics USA is proud to bring you an industry-leading range of affordable, fashion conscious eyewear brands catering to a variety of consumers. Please find below a brief summary of each of the brands that we carry as well as a sample selection of models in each range. If you are a current client of Rimoptics USA, please register for an online account in order to access our full ranges of frames and/or purcahse stock online. For more information, or to arrange an appointment for one of our friendly sales representatives to visit your premises, please do not hesitate to contact us.


AlterEgo gives you the chance to express the less explored side of your personality and creativity with a stylish pair of frames that make a statement! Exclusive to Rimoptics, this strikingly stylish, colorful and trendy range is designed in Sweden and made using the highest quality materials. Whether it’s the geeky chic, librarian or more alternative look, or simply the timeless elegance of European design that you are going for, AlterEgo has the perfect mix of styles to express one’s self.
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COVA New York

COVA New York caters to the younger fashion market, in which consumers seek eyewear that is not too different, yet with a distinctly modern style. Striking two-tone colors and patterns, as well as innovative materials of superior quality, have been used across all models in this exclusive range.

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Green Eyes Eyewear was born of a simple idea; to create fashionable, high-quality eyewear using eco-friendly materials. All Green Eyes Eyewear products are made from one of three durable, eco-friendly materials; biodegradable plastic, bamboo or lower-emission acetate. This bold eyewear collection not only reduces the environmental impact usually associated with the manufacturing of eyewear, but is also up to date with the latest fashionable shapes and styles.

Learn more about this exciting brand at greeneyeseyewear.com

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Designed in France & Italy. Colorful, unique range of fashionable shapes and styles. Over 30 models in a variety of bold colors, shapes and styles to suit every face.

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JoBaxter Sunwear

A very affordable sunglass range. Wide range of fashionable acetate & metal models all with spring hinges.  CR39 lenses and all with 6 base lens for ease of fitting prescription lenses.

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A complete men’s and women’s range built around a unique super strong, double chenier spring-hinge. These frames are made using either a new generation Stainless Steel base metal or Pure Titanium. Japanese I.P plating and coloring provide a durable nickel-free coating on all metal frames.

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Specializing in a wide range of ladies, mens, kids, titanium and multiflex styles, this comprehensive range offers quality products at an affordable price.

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Designed in Italy, this sophisticated range represents refinement and tradition with ultra fine lines and shapes in tune with the very latest fashion trends. The care taken in manufacturing is apparent in varied exceptional detail on each individual frame.

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